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We offer great lessons, tailored to the individual pupil’s needs.

We love working with young people. We work with parents to help them play their role too.

Safety and safeguarding are taken seriously. Once these are in place, the focus is on enjoyable and successful learning, whether at school or at home.

It’s great we can work together

We are really pleased that you are interested in your child taking music lessons with an Arts People tutor. At Arts People we encourage children and young people to:

  • Enjoy learning music in various and exciting ways

  • Learn to play an instrument and/or develop vocal skills

  • Build confidence and performance skills


Supporting You

We will meet you, the parent, at the start of the year to give you the confidence you need. We will support our tutors and the school to help your child succeed. We will assist the school in providing you with an opportunity to see your child perform and discover how much they have learnt.

Supporting the school

Not only do we provide great tutors, but we support the school in building the lessons into school life more widely. We will offer the school advice and help as required.

Your Guarantee

Arts People is run by educational professionals with experience of schools and school music. Our tutors are all DBS checked, vetted and trained, by us, in personalised lesson delivery. We believe in great service and will immediately respond to any concerns or suggestions made by you or the school. Our safeguarding policy and our privacy policy are designed with best practice in mind. You can read them here:


We Look Forward To Playing A Part In Your Child’s Journey Through Music.

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